About Me

Hi! I am a fine artist currently living in Chicago-land. Originally from Milwaukee, I decided to move to Illinois, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Judson University.

My medium of choice is watercolor. I love the fluidity of the medium and that it is uncontrollable. Watercolor may not be every artist's first choice, but it is mine. For me, watercolor is a reflection of the world we live in -- unpredictable and unexpected. I love to watch the colors blend.

When I'm not spending my time making, I work as the art, design and architecture admissions representative at my alma mater. Here I can connect students with the university and help them achieve their dreams. 

"So how long does it take to make one of your pieces?"

When someone looks at one of my pieces, whether in person or digitally, one of the most common questions

I get asked pertains to my process. Here's the inside scoop on my process:

1. Do you paint each square individually? During my undergrad, I took a watercolor course, fell in love with the medium, but made pieces that overtime ended up in my black portfolio.  I knew I wouldn't need these watercolor pieces, but I would feel wasteful just throwing the pieces away, so instead I cut them up. I was making something new with what I already had.

2. Why squares? Squares are a bit more practical than any other shape; they create a grid and there are little scraps leftover which means less that I will have to throw away.

3. Do you glue each square down? Yes! I cut each square and glue it on a large roll of paper. 

4. So how long does it take to make one of your pieces? It really depends on the size of the piece. I've had some piece that take over forty hours.

5. Is there a hidden picture in your art? My artwork mimics the fluidity of water. While there is no image in my work, it is abstract, the gradual changes from light to dark represent the flow of water. 


Draewell Gallery / Juried Exhibition / Elgin, IL / May 2016-August 2016

Draewell Gallery / Juried Exhibition / Elgin, IL / May 2017-August 2017

Cream City Clay / Group Exhibition / West Allis, WI / July 2017

ArtPrize 10 / Competition / Grand Rapids, MI / October 2018

Side Street Studio Year 6 / Group Exhibition / Elgin, IL / March 2019

Var Gallery 30x30x30 / Group Exhibition / Milwaukee, WI / April 2019

Kane County Exhibition / Juried Exhibition / Geneva, IL / November 2019

Var Gallery 30x30x30 / Group Exhibition / Milwaukee, WI / July 2020

Made Alone Together / Group Publication / Chicago, IL / July 2020


Get to Know Me

Comfort Food: Mac & Cheese

Art movement: Impressionism

Dream Travel: Paris

Favorite Color: Blush Pink

Personality Type: INFJ

I am honored and humbled to have shared my story with two creative groups. I may not be the most outspoken person, but I have found that it is crucial to be able to talk about my work. My art and its process is an extension of who I am. Over the years, I have learned more about myself when I am in the studio making. I cannot wait to see what comes next in my creative process and what I will be able to share next!

I learned that I love hearing the stories as well -- and I would love to hear from you! Whether a creative or not lets connect here.

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Images on this website taken by Sarah Recker, Catie Scott and Annelise Bronsveld